About Us

Perfect10 mugs is a Los Angeles based company that creates and sells coffee mugs, and related products of: Playboy Playmates, glamour models and social media influencers. We believe ALL women are Perfect10's, and hope to provide an online forum for sales and building better communities. Perfect 10 mugs is founded on 3 tenets: 1. Integrity. 2. Purpose. 3. Caring.
Caramie Cason leads the business as its Managing Partner.

Her management team includes Kenji Kita, as IT Director, and Brad Cahill as Director of Operations. The company has warehouse and manufacturing facilities smack dab in the middle of the country in Wichita, Kansas.

Perfect10 mugs seeks to build a business that helps maximize our talents financial abilities and career. We hope to make our local communities and world better by investing in endeavors that do exactly that. Each year Perfect10 mugs will partner with Breast Cancer Awareness in a month long promotion to develop a cure and provide; screening and diagnosis help for women, early detection services and availability, and a cure for breast cancer. Perfect10 mugs is also partnering with local non-profits that work in domestic violence, and homeless shelter efforts.

Perfect10 actively seeks to be involved in events nationally that provide a mutual benefit for both parties. If you have a organized event whether online or at a physical location that would be of interest, please contact us. Additionally, we will be expanding our talent offerings, and if you know someone who would make a wonderful Perfect10 model, simply have them reach out to Caramie Cason at the contact info listed on our website.